The following table will show a rough estimate for when you should have certain things completed. The dates that prelectures are due are the same dates that you should have read the entire chapter. Even though the homeworks are not due until shortly before the exam, you should be working on them as your class progresses through each chapter. This is a rough date of when you should be done with a chapter and moving on to the next so as not to fall behind and become overwhelmed.

There are certain sections noted in the far right column which may be covered in class, but will not be explicitly tested on exams.

Chapter Read and Prelecture Complete By Weeks Covered Homework Complete by Omitted from Exams
21 20-Jan 1-3 3-Feb 21.7
22 3-Feb 3-4 10-Feb
23 10-Feb 4-5 17-Feb
Midterm 1 covering Ch 21-23 on Monday 19-Feb
24 17-Feb 5-6 24-Feb 24.5, 24.6
25 24-Feb 6-7 2-Mar 25.6
26 2-Mar 7-8 16-Mar 26.3 (See Below), 26.5
Midterm 2 covering Ch 24-26 on Monday 25-Mar
27 16-Mar 8-9 23-Mar 27.7 (See Below), 27.8 and 27.9
28 23-Mar (No Prelecture) 9-10 30-Mar
29 30-Mar 10-11 6-Apr 29.6, 29.8
30 6-Apr (No Prelecture) 11-12 13-Apr 30.6
Midterm 3 covering Ch 27-30 on Monday 15-Apr
32 13-Apr 12-13 20-Apr 32.5
31 20-Apr (No Prelecture) 13-14
Comprehensive Exam covering Ch 21-30 and 32 on Friday 26-Apr
26.3 -- This section deals with real voltmeters and ammeters. Students are not responsible for how these work on exams. They are still responsible for how ideal voltmeters and ammeters work as described in Chapter 25.4.

27.7 -- Only the part of this section in the headings "Magnetic Dipole in a Nonuniform Magnetic Field" and "Magnetic Dipoles and How Magnets Work" are omitted from exams.