Physics 207 - University Physics

Texas A&M University, Fall 2022

Web-page for sections using the University Physics, Vol. 2, 15th edition, by Young & Freedman, published by Pearson.

This course covers the principles and applications of Electricity and Magnetism. For most students this is a follow-up to the Physics 206 course on Mechanics. The course requirements, common exams, and grading for all of these sections are generally the same, with some additions for the Honors sections, but consult the syllabus for your instructor for contact information and schedule details for your lecture. We will post updates on this page as the course proceeds, and additional information will also be included in in-class announcements -- you are also responsible for this information!

    General Requirements:

Course PRE-REQUISITES are either PHYS 218 or 206 and either MATH 152 or 172.

The textbook and all other components are integrated with the MyLab & Mastering system. Registration is done using your NetID via Step-by-step instructions to sign up for MyLab & Mastering are given here

If you don't already have access for other classes, you will need to purchase access to the iClicker Student App for active participation during the lectures. No physical iclickers are allowed. The TAMU bookstore has a 6-month subscription to the iClicker Student App for $17.33. If you go to Macmillan's site,, you can find slightly cheaper options.

Below are links from iClicker to help you register and get started with the iClicker:


We expect that all of the common evening exams will be conducted in-person. There are 3 midterms throughout the semester and a comprehensive exam that will take place at the end of the term. These are the extra evening times that were included when you registered for the course. The material discussed in the pre-lectures, together with the homework problems, essentially defines the scope of the exams. Formula sheets to be used in the exams will be posted here before the exams, and the common exam rooms will be announced as the semester proceeds.

The exam dates, times and chapters for the Fall 2022 semester are:
Midterm 1 - Chapters 21-23: Monday September 26 from 7:30-9:00 pm
Midterm 2 - Chapters 24-26: Monday October 24 from 7:30-9:00 pm
Midterm 3 - Chapters 27-29: Monday November 21 from 7:30-9:00 pm
Comprehensive - Chapters 21-30 and 32. (Chapter 31 will NOT be tested on the comprehensive)
Friday December 2 from 4:10-6:10 pm

    Formula sheets:

    Previous Exams:

    Homework Problems and Recitations

Cooperative work and discussions of the homework are ok, but it is important that you solve the problems individually, as an essential part of understanding the material for the exams. Questions can be addressed to your course or recitation instructors, who will be happy to help you (preferably during office hours). RECITATION attendance is also a course requirement (this is the 80-minute session that is part of your class schedule). Your recitation grade will be determined by your TA based on your participation, preparedness, and active contributions in the recitation sessions, see here for more info. Recitation problems are collected here.


This course brings together physics and math concepts in ways that you may not be familiar with. You can succeed, but to do so you will certainly need to spend enough time to keep up with the material. To do this, you will need to participate in all the course requirements, and carefully think through and solve the Recitation problems and weekly HW (being able to work these problems on your own is the best indicator that you are prepared for exams). It can be difficult to catch up after falling behind, so if you need help, please contact your lecturer or the TA in your recitation section as soon as possible. We are here to help you succeed.